Theresa Madeira

I have been described as "the buffer" between mother and daughter- in the nicest possible way! I am the Organizer:  I push us to agree on goals, like the recordings we've done so far. My role in the group is to be British and awkwardly tall. Oh, and I sing the low harmony.

"Theresa is the motivator, the recorder, and the promoter. She has the best aspirations for our group. If it hadn't been for Theresa, we would not have any recordings at all, let alone ones good enough for an album." -Susan Miller

"Theresa is our alto- warmth is the defining feature of her sound. My mom and I are busy, stressed people who don't always make time for the things we love, like Rue Claire, so we're glad when Theresa sends out a message that she misses singing, asking when we're going to get together next. She reminds us to make time for enjoyment and fulfillment in our lives." -Rebecca Rand

Rebecca Rand

My typical rehearsal style- sleepily singing curled up on the couch- is telling to the degree of overwork I sometimes experience as a student. Sometimes my personal happiness and enjoyment go by the wayside. I am so happy to have this musical time and space, to have a group there who depends on my presence, who encourages me to make time for something good and important in my life. They encourage me to live happier, and that's big.

"Becky- on melody. Petite frame houses a big voice and a big heart! Becky is our Songbird. Sue and I are in awe of her fearlessness." -Theresa Madeira

"She is 'the talent.' By which I don't mean she's the only one who has talent, but that she had that (annoying?) knack for just walking in and nailing the vocals." -Susan Miller

Susan miller

I am the scribe, sometimes the arranger. I am also sometimes the "teen wrangler…"

"Sue sings on high harmony. Her skill set is vital to the group. She's our resident pianist, and composes a large part of our arrangements. And she has perfect pitch! She has a unique way of transcribing music for us to read: writing the notes in letter form above our parts. It's like alphabet soup sometimes! She is patient and encouraging. A true friend!"- Theresa Madeira

"My mom! I love my mom! I suppose I'm not expected to think my mom is cool since I'm a young adult, but I do. My mom is rad. She worked very hard professionally her entire adult life in a very demanding and stressful job. Sometimes, the chorus she sang in every Tuesday was the only thing she looked forward to; it was the only thing she did for herself. Now that she's retired, her "job" is to live her life meaningfully, and with her participation in Rue Claire and other groups, she has found that fulfillment and meaning in music." -Rebecca Rand