Countdown to the 'stakes

A couple of days ago, a cappella legend Deke Sharon posted a video for singers entering the a cappella competition season.  His key message?  “KNOW YOUR STRENGTHS and PLAY TO THEM.”  Specifically, he advised groups to “feature your best songs, your best vocalist and your best arranger…”

We have thought long and hard about our program for HSS, which includes:  4 brand new songs we’ve *never* performed before;  our first time featuring Tall Claire on lead;  and while we’ve always re-jiggered arrangements, this is the first time we have ever arranged any songs from scratch.  Oh and body percussion.  We haven’t done that before either, and 3 out of 4 of our songs will need something…

— Did we mention we have six weeks to pull this off?!

We discussed reverting to some of our more tried and tested numbers, and we’re going to keep a couple in our back pocket in case we need them.  But at this point at least, we are excited to challenge ourselves to learn and grow and push ourselves to a higher level. 

And we love our program!  It's certainly a risk, but we have faith in ourselves and each other and we are committing to do our very best. 

Will our bet pay off?  Stay tuned...