So, how did this all begin?

It officially started in 2012, in Sue and Becky's living room. Mother, daughter, and friend Theresa - we all share a love of song, especially the poetry in the words, and the intricate harmonies. We had heard some very lovely a cappella arrangements done by the Wailin' Jennys, a female trio from Canada. First collective thought: "Wow, beautiful." Quickly followed by, "Do you want to try that?" Granted, our initial attempts were not perfect, but we were immediately excited that we had a good blend. Before long, we had quite an extensive list of songs we wanted to explore. 

With a cappella, you can start singing just about anywhere. You don't need a band, you just need the first note.  Here's a video of an impromptu performance - our first performance outside of a living room, actually.  This was at Greenacres, a small art gallery upstairs from a wine bar in Wexford, Ireland. "Rue Claire" was born, due in part to the enthusiasm and encouragement of the friends who heard us there that day, and who brainstormed band names with us at the pub later that evening.