Fun firsts & foot fixtures

It's good to stop every now and then and reflect on the journey and the milestones we have marked.  Here are a few notables from recent months:

  • Supersize program - it's gratifying to have a big enough repertoire that we could pick and choose songs for our 45-min set at the First St Café and not get too crazy attempting new arrangements - even though we did sneak in a couple of newbies, just to keep things interesting.
  • Instruments galore! - While we left most of the musical heavy-lifting to our good friend-in-music, Loren Dummett, we did get bold with Tall Claire joining on guitar and Sue-ba-Rue demonstrating her multi-instrumental chops on piano AND foot tambourine!  -- $11 of percussive, jingling fun, available from a Guitar Center near you!
  • Dolly! - First time attempting a Dolly Parton song! And now we're all in love with her so it won't be our last.
  • Original songs! - We performed two brand new songs in the set - Dark & Lovely Trees, and Big Sky.  Both got their premiers at First St Café!
  • New EP! - Defying all the angry gods of technology, we managed to get our songs uploaded - complete with spiffy cover artwork by Rue-becca - with just hours to spare, so the new EP was ready for the gig.  It looks fantastic and we're very proud of the sound.
  • Standing O! - We had such a lovely bunch of friends turn out to support us at First St Café, we even got a Blackhawk Chorus-style ovation at the end!  You guys are just SO NICE to us! :)
  • Radio On! - We are thrilled to be in rotation on KQBM's Americana show, featuring local artists!

So what's next for Rue Claire? 

Well, we will see.  But we're loving the trajectory we're on and the opportunities ahead - the artists we've met and who have offered to help us, and we're grateful for and encouraged by all the support. 

We look forward to seeing what our next milestones update will bring.  Apart from more Dolly, of course. :)